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The Forum Objectives

  1. Make public and private sector aware of new technological opportunities and world success stories
  2. Introducing the strategies to develop knowledge-based enterprises and startups;
  3. Developing digital economy
  4. Introducing opportunities in application of ICT in health, education, agriculture, energy, environment, monetary and financial markets sectors and various industries;
  5. Raising awareness of the government and decision-making bodies about the importance of Information Technology as a transformational tool in different fields;
  6. Introducing investment and international partnership and joint venture opportunities in IT sector.

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Conference Secretariat

: Unit 4, 7th Floor, Mellat Tower, Vali- e- Asr St.,Tehran
: (+9821) 2203 7383
: (+9821) 2204 4769
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Forum Scientific Committee:

: Unit. 1, No. 7, 3rd Eastern St.., Misaq St., Kouhestan Ave., Ketab Sq.
Sa’adat Abad, Tehran – Iran
: +98 (21) 86083293
: +98 (21) 26762334