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IT Innovations and Digital Transformation Opportunities

  • Analyzing new technological phenomena and IT Future Potential Opportunities;
  • Future Mankind, Future Cities, and Transformations caused by Information Technology;
  • Blockchain and Upcoming Transformations;
  •  Industry 4.0
  • The Role of Infrastructure Operators (mobile, Internet, etc.) in Digital Transformation;
  • The Weightless Economy and its role in Iran 2025 Future Outlook;
  • The Future of e-Banking,  Cryptocurrency and related Opportunities;
  • Iran  e-Commerce Vision 2025;
  • The Future of Insurance Industry in Digital Age;
  • The money and capital market and the introduction of its new tools in the development of the IT industry;
  • Role of IT in Transportation and Logistics and Transportation Industries ;
  • - World Success Stories on e-Health and Iran e-Health 2025 vision;
  • Digital Transformation and the Future of Energy Sector;
  • Role of IT in Developing The Tourism Industry;
  • Role of Green IT on Iran’s Environment Protection;
  • Information Technology and its Role in the Development of Agriculture value chain;
  • Increasing National Productivity through Information Technology

Improving Iran’s IT Business Climate

  • The  Ecosystem of Digital Businesses
  • Pathology of the IT private sector in Iran, and the ways to empower private sector;
  • Role of NGOs in regulating IT private sector towards development
  • Participation of Large Non-Governmental Economic Institutions in the Development of Information Technology

Media and Digital Transformation

  • Role of New Digital Media in Iran Future Development and Transformation;
  • Future of Digital Social Media and Opportunities Ahead

IT & Good Governance

  • Good Governance and the role of IT in its realization;
    • role of IT in enhancing public participation in governance;
    • role of IT in enhancing the rule of law, lowering corruption, and increasing the judicial independence and integrity;
    • Strategies and approaches in transparency and free flow of information
    • role of IT in enhancing accountability;
    • role of IT in strengthening public consensus;
    • role of IT in enhancing equity, equal opportunities, and justice;
    • role of IT in enhancing the efficiency of entities;
    • role of IT in enhancing responsibility.
  • Good Governance, Blockchain world, and the rule of Blockchain;
  • Iran’s Current IT Status and Development Plan for 2025;
  • Upstream policies and protective regulations in the development of IT and cyberspace;
  • Diplomacy of Science and Technology in Pursuit of the Goals of Future Outlook of Iran in the horizon of 2025.

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