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Iran 2025 IT Forum will be held under the patronage of Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran and organized by International Inc. for Contemporary International Conferences & Fairs (IICIC) in cooperation with Iran Europe Business Center (IEBC) and with participation of nearly 100 high ranked Iranian and international IT and management strategists and technical experts in scientific committee and conference think tank, on 18 - 19 Feb. 2018 in Tehran-Iran.

We are living in the historic Age of Information; an epoch characterized by Digital Revolution treating the Information as a commodity which can be rapidly and widely collected, disseminated, processed, and utilized. The Human beings’ increased production, transmission, consumption of, and reliance of information has enormously impacted our lives and transformed the foundations of global economy; causing the emergence of various startups and substantial paradigm shift in the mechanisms of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services based on smart and knowledge based models,  what we call it weightless economy and digital life.

The quality and growth of IT and ICT industries are nowadays considered to be one of the most important factors and criteria of sustainable development. That is why according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the total global investment in IT and ICT industries reached 2.1 and 3.5 trillion dollars respectively by the end of 2017. Most of the investment were dedicated to Hardware Infrastructures, Commercial Software, and Mobile Apps. Cloud Computing, Data Centers, and Cyber Security are expected to absorb high levels of investment in the years to come.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has also heavily invested in IT and ICT industries in the past decade. According to International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Iran was ranked first in the Asia-Pacific region and second in the World in the development of ICT industries in 2016. In fact, the strategic document of “The Future Outlook of Iran in the Horizon of 2025” considers Information Technology as a “Pillar of Development” and explicitly speaks about the necessity of a Software Momentum in Iran. According to this document “The Iranian society in 2025 is a society which enjoys advanced scientific progress, able to produce science and technology, and is reliable on its highly skilled human resources and social capital for national production”.

Hence, Iran 2025 IT Forum aims to investigate the current and future statuses of IT and ICT industries in Iran, the opportunities of investment in the emerging technological phenomena, and  empowerment of private sector in Iran’s business atmosphere. 2025.

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